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How do you determine how someone is a trendsetter/expert?
Nowlr measures how early you spot trends. So, for example, if you know about a song way before it becomes popular and it blows up 6 months later you earn points for knowing about it. The bigger a trend gets after you back it the more points you earn. The more trends you successfully spot the higher your ranking in that area of expertise.
What is your definition of a trend?
Trends are things that shape our culture, style & identity. They encompass anything from innovative design to new indie music.

Trends on Nowlr are represented with pictures, video, & music. So when you back or add a trend it is essentially a piece of media with a title, creator, and description. These pieces of media are then measured for how much they are being played, shared, talked about, etc. The more rapidly something is being shared the hotter the trend.
What is backing a trend?
Backing a trend is your endorsement of something you think is awesome as well as a timestamp for when you discovered it.

When you back a trend you are also adding it to your profile which features everything you've backed. Your profile, in essence, is a collection of all your favorite media in one place.
What are the ways you can back a trend?
You can back any trend you come across on the internet or trends you find on Nowlr.

To add trends to Nowlr press "+Add Trend" in the top navigation and paste the link where the media appears. Nowlr will then grab the media from the page and you can select what you want to add.

You can also download our trending now button here (aka our bookmarklet) to back things from any site with a click of a button.

To back a trend on Nowlr:
Go to one of the categories (e.g. fashion) and browse trends. When you rollover a trend you'll see a blue bar appear that says "Back Trend." You can also open the trend too see it bigger or play it and back it from there.

Coming soon: You will soon be able to get credit for things you share on other social networks...stay tuned for integrations
Can you upload media from your computer?
At this point you can only add media from other sites. We potentially will add this in the future if demand is high enough.
How do you determine what the top trends are?
Nowlr tracks the top trending content and sources across the internet. We measure what's going viral (i.e. what's getting the most plays, shares, likes, mentions, reblogs, etc) and what top content sources & experts are talking about. We are currently focused on measuring products, music, videos, & creative media.
What trends make it on the charts?
The charts are made of the top trending content from the top publishers, social sites, etc, as well as trends added by Nowlr experts. All media is then measured and ranked based on it's category, genre, and type.

We are currently focused on exposing the best products, videos, songs, & creative media. We are constantly expanding and refining the content & sites we measure to improve accuracy.
How do you compare indie media against mainstream content?
We group media into three buckets based on trend counts (shares, plays, views & mentions): Early, Up & Coming, & Popular.

Early trends are new and have relatively low trend counts in their category.

Up & Coming are trends on the verge of breaking out but have not broken into the mainstream yet. Nowlr charts are defaulted to up & coming so you know about the next big things before everyone else.

Popular trends have reached high trend levels and what's big now.
What are people using Nowlr for?
People are using Nowlr to find the top trends, trendsetters, & content sources across the things they are passionate about as well as a way to build their reputation as experts.
Is Nowlr a community?
Yes! Nowlr is a community of forward thinking trendsetters sharing and discovering the hottest trends in music, fashion, beauty, interior design, and more. Experts are then ranked based on their ability to spot what's hot.

Every member gets a profile which stores all the awesome trends they back. People can follow your trends and you can build your following & reputation.
Can I invite my friends?
Yes! Any friends you invite will avoid the waitlist as you are vouching for their ability to spot cool stuff. Share, discover & compete to find the hottest stuff.
Is my profile public?
Can I unback something?
Yes, though you will lose the points associated with it
Does Nowlr cost anything?
How do you determine the rankings for content sources?
In addition to measuring a publisher's ability to spot trends we also take a number of other factors into account like traffic levels/ engagement, reposts, industry influence, etc. Our algorithms are constantly being tweaked.
How is Nowlr different than Pinterest?
Nowlr is designed to help you find the top media, experts, & content sources on the web. You only see the hottest stuff across the things you are passionate about in the forms of trend charts. These charts let you dig deep into specific categories & types (e.g. in fashion you could find the most popular purses or in music find the top up & coming indie songs).

Additionally, Nowlr helps you build your reputation as an expert, recognizing you for spotting the hottest content and being an authority. Members get points based on how early they spot trends and are ranked in their areas of interest.

Pinterest lets you browse an assortment of random media (mostly images) and organize stuff into boards but does none of the above.
Does Nowlr have a bookmarklet?
Yes, get it here!

Our bookmarklet, which we also call our "Back Trend Button", lets you back trends on any site with a click of a button (even if you're not on Nowlr).
Does Nowlr have an app?
Not yet, we'll let you know when it's available
Can brands create accounts?
Yes. We also will be offering other tools to help you as well. Learn more by emailing us at [email protected]
How does Nowlr make money?
We are currently focused on creating an amazing product that people love but in the not too distant future will be releasing a suite of tools and features that help brands, publishers, trendsetters, etc grow and understand their audiences using technology that we've developed to power Nowlr.
How do I partner with Nowlr?
Contact us at [email protected] We welcome partnerships of all shapes and sizes.
What is the significance of the word Nowlr?
Nowlr was developed to help you discover what's hot Now so we named the site accordingly. As for the's a short form for the type of trend scoring we do behind the scenes (linear regression). Let's just say it ain't easy finding a 5 letter domain name these days.
If Nowlr could be any animal which one would it be and why?
Nowlr would defintiely be an Owl, not only because its in the name but because Owls have excellent vision and ability to spot things in the dark, they are also hella trendy right now.