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Backing a trend is:
A way of recommending something as awesome
Claiming when you discovered it
Tip: You can back trends by adding any media you come across around the internet (get the Back Trend bookmarklet) or backing cool stuff you find on Nowlr.
Earn Points and Rewards as they take off
The earlier you spot trends that become viral (shared, played, recommended alot), the more points you earn.
Example: If you back a song when it has 1,000 plays and a week later it has 1 million plays, you earn a ton of music trend points. The points add up to give you an expertise rank and identify your ability to spot emerging trends.
Compete Against Friends & Experts
Gain exposure as a Trendsetter and discover awesome new trends and experts across your interests.
Tip: Invite friends to share their expertise, give you cool recommendations. Battle your friends in categories you are awesome at!